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 Experience the difference true connection makes, test your teams energy level and develop your team's emotional and relational intelligence. 

“We are not a team because we work together, we are a team because we respect trust and care for each other.”



Let us know what are your objectives & key challenges and we will work out a customized offer.  



You are working as a team every day and know how important team spirit is to achieve extraordinary results. But do you also know what true connection and collaboration feels like?  


Horses live in herds since million of years. Their life depends on the connection between each other and clear assigned roles of each individual inside the herd, they developped a stunning relational intelligence. You can now experience this connection by spending 1-2 days with your team in their presence. 


Observe and experience how your team reacts or responds when it is facing a herd. What role is everyone taking in the group? And what is yours? How do you interact? 

Experience the energy that radiates from your team and the impact this is having on the herd. Get access to a different kind of experience that leads from a mental to an emotional and intuitive connection with each other. 

This workshop will help you connect your team on a different level, clarify your vision and goals, clear tensions, and feel what 'unity' feels like and how it will impact your results (measured by the reactions of the horses). 


For Whom?


Crossfunctional and functional teams, Associates, Partners, and groups of individuals that currently work together or will work together in the future.


No previous riding or horsemanship skills are required. The horses will not be ridden. 




Team workshops. We propose a program according to your demand and to your goal.

Priced and dates on demand.   

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