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 Understand your personal leadership style, experience the impact you have on others, create a leadership style that really inspires. 



“Leadership includes a profound work on knowing who you are .”

Angel Castineira /Josep Lozano (ESADE)


Let us know what are your objectives & key challenges and we will work out a customized offer.  



Hey leader, did you ever get honest feedback on your leadership style? Do you know want to learn more about true authentic leadership and feel the impact it has on others? 


Do you know how much you are communicating without being aware? 70% of your communication is body language. This non-verbal language reflects our thoughts and emotions. Horses are looking for leaders whose feelings, thoughts and actions are congruent and clear, because their survival depends on it. They won't care about the cloth you wear nor the position you hold, the only thing they truly care about is who you really are and how you enter in relationship with them. They instinctively 'read' your energy and body language and give you immediate and natural feedback on who you are as a leader to them. 


This is the ultimate leadership experience. In this workshop you will learn about leadership in a different way, you will immedately notice your strenghts and areas of improvement in order to work on them and improve your communication as a leader. 


For Whom?


Team leaders, Managers, Management Students that want to understand their leadership style and capabilities and improve their leadership and communication skills.


No previous riding or horsemanship skills is required. The horses will not be ridden. 



Inter and Intra organisational workshops. We propose a program according to your demand and to your goal.

Priced and dates on demand.   

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