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 Experience the difference inner connection, alignment and vision makes on the impact you make on others. 

“Each time you set a healthy boundary you say yes to more freedom.”

Nancy Levin



Do you sometimes find it difficult to set boundaries and say no ? Do you feel overwhelmed by the daily requests and demands of others ? Are you struggling to position yourself, to know and express of what you believe is right?


What is the secret of people that radiate natural authority and assertiveness? They live and act in line with their values and beliefs and would never do things that are not right for them just to please others. 


Horses follow the requests and directions of people who are congruent and aligned to who they are - to their purpose and  values. They scan your core the moment they meet you and will react and respond differently to people that are driven by doubt, fear and insecurities. This is when you become aware of your current patterns. This is where the work begins.

Indeed, the encounter with the horse will lead you to a deeper awareness of who you are and what you communicate to others. It will help you get closer to the core elements that constitute your personal assertiveness and show you where work needs to be done. 

You will come out stronger, closer to your true self and more confident. You will be able to approach situations in your personal and professional life with more assurance, confidence, enthousiasm and determination. 


For Whom?


Individuals that want to work on themselfs and the impact they have on others. Min.4- max. 8 people. 


No previous riding or horsemanship skills is required. The horses will not be ridden. 




1 day workshops.

Priced and dates on demand.   

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