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Learn to be present, to listen to yourself and to others

and to create deeper connection and relationships.  


Being present may be part of your daily work. Have you ever experienced how true presence feels in your body?  How a quality presence opens the doors to a deeper connection to your intuition? What difference it can make in your abilities to perceive unsaid information ?

We partner with horses because they live in the here and now, they do not spend a moment thinking of the future or the past, and this is what one can learn from them. Gifted with an incredible sensibility and sense of perception, they are masters in being present and connected.

The horses reaction and response to your intention, focus, and body language will make you experience the impact and strengths of your presence.  Excercises from the ground, will make you access the power within you - your intuition- and enable you to perceive unsaid information to accompany your clients beyond words.


Establishing a profound connection to yourself is the foundation of a quality of presence with your clients and capture the subtile information that is essential in order to accompany them profoundly and efficiently. This workshop will give you valuable learnings on how to establish deeper relationships, trust and connection.

For Whom?

Coaches, Therapist, Coaching training centers, any profession that includes helping people.



Inter and Intra organisational workshops (from ½-2 days).

Priced and dates on demand.   

“Presence is more than just being there.”

Malcolm Forbes

We partner with individuals, companies, yoga and training institutes. Contact us to know more or if you are looking for a partnership. 

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