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“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

― Winston S. Churchill



Life Coach & Equicoach

- Co-founder of Areion- 


'Awakening Potential in people'

Facilitator in developing perception, intuition and intention to elevate team spirit and leadership. Hélène is the founder of Holystik Coaching and the co-founder of Areion

​Trained in horse-assisted therapy in 2003, and through extensive personal experiences, Helene coaches clients in personal development topics assisted by her horses. She has accompanied individuals and groups in Self-Discovery workshops for the past 10 years. 

Hélène already worked with horses for personal development long before this method reached global recognition. ​

Convinced that the intention behind every gesture is the essence of our communication (verbal and non-verbal), Hélène focuses her work on finding the purpose, the WHY behind our choices and our actions. Knowing why we do what we do is more complex than it often seems.

« People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it » Simon Sinek

This implies knowing our values and who we are as a person, beyond any social conventions, but also who we are as a team and/or a company. 

Hélène sources her tools and techniques from the many professional trainings she completed, but experience remains the best teacher. Her personal experience, her path through life, and the rich human and professional encounters on this journey remain the biggest source of inspiration for her work and her life in general. 


Partner Coaches and experts in sensing the intangible

Our  horses live outside in a herd very close to their natural environment. Used to humans, they still respond to their natural instincts when we interact with them. They are incredibly gifted coaching partners  - present, curious and highly sensitive, they mirror the intangible (your thoughts and feelings) in an precise and explicit way opening the door to a deeper awareness of who you are and how you enter in relationship with others.

Our horses will respond differently to each person that will interact with them. Each persons energy, emotions and intentions that are submitted often unconsciously through our body language are sensed by the horse and trigger its' immediate reaction and feedback. They will immediately fingerpoint insecurities or limiting beliefs and help us understand where work needs to be done. Exercises and experiences with the horse can trigger true transformations on our way of beeing on a mental, physical, and emotional level. 


By observig a horses response to their directions, each person learns to communicate more effectively and to be more consistent and congruent in their being and acting. 

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